Untrue legacy

We are all marching through the lines , following each other in our lives; We are all mortals destined to die, Chosen to lead or live a bigger lie , look me in my eye and tell me this isn't a lie, I ll try hard to believe it for the thousandth time; You lay... Continue Reading →

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The Sorry souls !

The pain I feel will never matter, Who am I to be heard, I shall become lot of things, Just pray I don’t get labelled a monster, This fall shall not be broken, I will crash as usual and that’s the truth, Sometimes I can hold on, As I might break Someone’s fall, As this... Continue Reading →


When the last straw is placed or taken, It’s either a piece of work or something destroyed, Does last straw decides everything, Irony of it all is, it took lot more than just a straw, So much said, none heard; Would it ever be the same, Every word hung on a string, Every feeling written... Continue Reading →

Story of our mind!

Story of our mind ! The inner voices cannot be silenced, They murmur in distress over each of our crisis, You often wonder what they try to tell you,You often wonder where their interest lies, Over time they scream to be heard, Over time they hold you captive to their word, Sometimes calm,sometimes harsh, Till... Continue Reading →

The end !

A sniveling little kid who treasured his dreams, hiding away the best for himself, blindly believing it's his forever, Little did he know, All the good things come to an end, the flair in his eyes and the pride he carried, defined the happiness he celebrated, His innocence saved him from worries, he lived free... Continue Reading →

Between Stands

The journey unfolded in to dreams and ambitions, A pursuit for the ultimate comfort of happiness, Far away from conclusion or desired climax, a million hurdles which crush your confidence, often we are strewn apart over stands we make, how far can we go to make it worth what we take, Wish my stands gave... Continue Reading →

Heart is a muscle !

I held on really tight and vouched till death do us part, I dreamt of tomorrows patiently waiting for today to be past, I silenced my anguish and vouched to be true in good times and bad, I burnt myself through it all till it was really hard, I tried to rise for I vouched... Continue Reading →

Giver or taker

I walked a long way down the deserted path, Dejected or content , No one asked ; I lost track of the reason , I lost track of the time, Yet I traversed deep into something sublime ; Emptiness followed me in the form of my shadow, My Body, My soul was not different from... Continue Reading →

Reclusive mute

Heavy thoughts and unspoken anguish, Emotions chewing you inside out, Resolve to express but memory that fails, Tongue ready to roll but feelings scattered, Thoughts clouded by judgements passed, Doubts of faiths and beliefs gathered, A quiver filled with arrows of discomfort, Tales of disbelief and unclear past references, confused or distracted, just an Epiphany... Continue Reading →

World,full of possibilities

There is always a new dawn to see, the sun always rises from the sea; The golden spells that it casts on the infinite waves, that never failed to come back to its loyal shores; The shells and the pearls, A sign of gratitude, or mere tokens of wonderful memories; The seasons change and time... Continue Reading →

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