Untrue legacy

We are all marching through the lines , following each other in our lives; We are all mortals destined to die, Chosen to lead or live a bigger lie , look me in my eye and tell me this isn't a lie, I ll try hard to believe it for the thousandth time; You lay... Continue Reading →

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Empty screams and silent protests, Bottled self respect and skinned knees Pain and anguish of being ignored, When no ears turned for thoughts and ideas, A drop added in to the ocean of unspoken anguish, The waves only grew stronger in this calm ocean, Time changed nothing but the storm brewed unheard, When silent protests... Continue Reading →


To the true sense of being available, A myth rather than reality, Do we know how to be there for someone anymore, Or probably that’s something we need to find in the runes of our life, Empty words that hold no meaning, I’m there for you,is but a lie, What stole this beautiful comfort of... Continue Reading →


I never chose to look down upon anyone and that decision is not gender biased. It's something I learned from a woman I respect forever and thats none other than my mother. I depict her as the best feminist I've come across and she taught me that battle is not for a gender but for... Continue Reading →

Vicious cycle

There is always this sinking feeling that suffocates you and makes you question your existence. Everyday you battle one evil or the other and the battles are often within. No matter how hard you try the dark side escapes and you drown deeper. Expectations of simple acceptance followed by harsh rejections and an unexplained silence... Continue Reading →

Ghost of past

Empty corridors didn’t feel empty anymore, Filled with laughters and screams of past, I ran as far as possible but the voices followed, The four walls called home was no more my safe haven, Every corner had images and voices, Voices that spoke words I yearned to hear, Sudden warmth that brought a smile, Which... Continue Reading →

Death of a dream

A shadow lurked for long, Inching closer and closer , I held on to my dream with all my might, I kept adding to it every day, Hoping it will be strong someday, The shadow never gave up, Every chance it got, snatched all it could, I hid the fear and kept moving on, I... Continue Reading →

Unsung heroes !

We sing praises for soldiers, sports personnel’s, achiever’s but there are so many people who are forgotten in the runes of daily dose taking for granted. As much as they are independent and strong and do what they do without praises or appreciation. They would also crave to be appreciated or recognised. One such group... Continue Reading →

The Sorry souls !

The pain I feel will never matter, Who am I to be heard, I shall become lot of things, Just pray I don’t get labelled a monster, This fall shall not be broken, I will crash as usual and that’s the truth, Sometimes I can hold on, As I might break Someone’s fall, As this... Continue Reading →


When the last straw is placed or taken, It’s either a piece of work or something destroyed, Does last straw decides everything, Irony of it all is, it took lot more than just a straw, So much said, none heard; Would it ever be the same, Every word hung on a string, Every feeling written... Continue Reading →

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